[Chinese subbed] Wife Jav video – Everyone in the cinema looks at my wife with lustful eyes, and my dick is hard just thinking about it

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Watch free wife Jav video with actress Maihara Hijiri. Hijiri is a middle school teacher. Because her work and family affairs are perfect, she is deeply loved by her husband. Her husband has an annoyance recently because he has a unique sexual addiction. A year ago, on the way home with his wife, when he saw his wife being molested by a strange man, he scared the stranger away. Every time he thinks of that scene and masturbates, the pleasure he gets is much greater than when he hugs his wife. Therefore, he wants strangers to play with his wife in front of him. So he decided to implement his plan. After dinner on the fifth wedding anniversary, he took his wife to the adult cinema. The wife gradually adapted to the cinema environment and had an orgasm there. In the evening, the husband asked his wife to have sex with another man. The wife firmly refused. The husband had to temporarily suspend the plan. Surprisingly, since then, the wife often goes to adult cinemas without telling her husband. Finally one day, the husband saw his wife in the adult cinema… Click here for the English subtitle version. The actor who plays the Japanese wife is Hijiri Maihara. More videos about “Japanese wife fucked in front of husband” are: “JAV100 Jav Japanese wife tube – Wife, can you have sex with other men?” and “VKO-091 Japanese wife HD porn – The perverted husband planned to let his wife be gangbanged by other men“.