[English Sub] Jap Wife Raped in Front of Husband – Married Woman is Abused by Her Sleazy Former Supervisor

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Free watch Jap wife raped in front of husband with actress Mikuriya Aoi. Aoi is now a full-time housewife. Before she got married, she and her husband worked in a company and she always supported her husband when it came to work. Her husband gets a promotion in the company, for which he and Aoi invite Ota, a minister who has taken care of them in the past, to express their gratitude. However, Ota, who has been eyeing Aoi during her employment, takes advantage of her husband’s absence to approach Aoi… Aoi Mikuriya plays a bitter young wife who is raped by her husband’s boss in exchange for her husband’s promotion. Aoi is perfect for the image of a clean, caring young woman, and her expressions in every scene are adorable! And the development of the husband who sees his wife being raped in a state of cowardice instead of fighting it is refreshing. This is the reason why this work ranks first or second in popularity in this series. More videos about “Japanese wife fucked in front of husband” are: “[English Subtitles] Jav sexy wife tube – Everyone in the cinema looks at my wife with lustful eyes, and my dick is hard just thinking about it” and “Japanese Wife XXX Video – If a Beautiful Naked Married Woman Asks for Help, Can You Not Say Yes?