Japanese Wife Affair Story English Subtitle – When A Married Woman Opens Her Heart

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Free watch Japanese wife affair story English subtitle with actress Matsushita Saeko. Saeko Matsushita has been married for 3 years but monotony starts to kick in. She then takes a part-time job at a convenience store, where she meets with Yamazaki, one of her male coworkers. Yamazaki has noticed Saeko and his desire starts growing. One night while the workers of the convenience store go out drinking, Yamazaki jumps on Saeko and they begin an affair. As a final note, the blowjob episode starting at 00:34:30 was awesome, if only that wasn’t destroyed by the mosaic. Even the shot in the face was quite lovely. Saeko is just great. More videos about Japanese wife affair porn are: “Japanese Wife Affair Movie English Subtitles – Adultery of Sexually Frustrated Apartment Wife” and “Jav Wife Father XXX – While My Wife And I Try To Conceive, My Dad Steals Her And Has Tight Sex With Her“.