Japanese Wife Fuck in Front of Husband Eng Sub – Hubby Took His Single Subordinates Home to Live with His Wife

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Free watch Japanese wife fuck in front of husband Eng sub with actress Ichimatsu Airi. Ozawa has a strong NTR tendency. In his 20th year of marriage, his wife had an affair, giving Ozawa a chance to carry out his plan. He plots to have his single subordinate Tony live at home to sleep with his wife. Tony can do whatever he wants with his wife on the condition that he not be interfered with. Ozawa reluctantly agrees and convinces his wife about it. The wife, who had always refused, eventually lost to her husband’s persuasion. At first, the wife still cared about her husband, but gradually she ignored her husband’s existence and began to pursue her own happiness… Poor Ozawa thought it was only his wife’s body that was taken away, but he didn’t expect that even her heart was the same. Such a miserable feeling is really pitiful. In the previous works of Ozawa, it was always him who slept with other people’s wives, but this time it was his own wife who was slept with by other people, becoming a miserable character who was slept with by other people, which was interesting. The actress who plays the Japanese wife is Airi Ichimatsu. More videos about “Japanese wife fucked in front of husband” are: “[English Subtitles] Jav sexy wife tube – Everyone in the cinema looks at my wife with lustful eyes, and my dick is hard just thinking about it” and “Jav Wife Exchange English Sub – A 2-nights And 3-day Couples Swapping Camp