[NKKD-238] Japanese Wife Cheats Eng Subtitle – My Wife Was Fucked by a Man Who Was Injured and Bedridden and Could Barely Move

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Free watch Japanese wife cheats Eng subtitle with actress Yoshine Yuria. The husband who works in the construction industry has a friendly relationship with his “master” Ikeda, because he always takes care of him on weekdays. Recently, Ikeda was injured on the construction site and had to recuperate at home. On weekends, Yuria accompanied her husband to visit him, who is a middle-aged single man living alone. Gentle and kind Yuria was worried about the taciturn master who was bedridden in the apartment, so she always bought some items to take care of him when she came back from her odd jobs on weekdays. However, on Wednesday afternoon, when Yuria was wiping the body of the bedridden master, he actually got an erection in front of her… Yuria Yoshine is very suitable to play the role of this unsatisfied wife, and there is probably no better actress than her. More videos about Japanese wife affair porn are: “[ROE-155] JAV Japanese Cheating Wife Eng Sub – This Is a Story of Secretly Indulging in an Affair with a Sexless Boss’s Wife” and “[ROE-221] Japanese Wife Fucked by Neighbor English Sub – Use My Cock to Quiet down the Complaining and Noisy Housewife Next Door