[URE-113] Japanese Wife Cuckold Story – A Wife Is Stolen by a Colleague While Her Drunk Husband Is Next to Her

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Free watch Japanese wife cuckold story with actress Shiina Yuna. This is a work adapted from a comic book titled “HGT Lab Moonlit Night Of Drinking“. Yuna, a 29-year-old married woman, leads a seemingly normal life, but she becomes sexually hungry because she hasn’t had sex with her husband for 3 years. One night, Yuna’s husband invites a colleague named Satoru to his home, who starts harassing Yuna while her husband is drunk and asleep. Yuna tries to resist, but who is she kidding, her body has already surrendered to this man. The shocking truth then emerges, and Yuna discovers that all this was a cuckolding plan carefully planned by her husband. Yuna Shiina plays this married woman who feels guilty for betraying her husband, and it is definitely a classic of married women’s manga. More videos about “Japanese wife fucked in front of husband” are: “[NSFS-032] Japanese Wife Intruder Tube – A Wife Is Used As A Fuck Toy From Morning To Night” and “[MIAB-221] Japanese Father Dominates Son’s Wife Eng Subtitle – Who I Conceived? After My Husband, I Was Continuously Creampied by My Father-in-Law