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Free watch Asian Jap wife cuckold video with actress Yuki Misa. Misa’s daughter was partially paralyzed after a car accident 3 years ago. One day, Misa finds out that her daughter is quietly in love with her governess and tells her husband. The husband is delighted and gives the tutor a raise. A few days later, the tutor resigns and tells Misa’s husband that he wants to fuck Misa, not just her daughter. The husband is furious when he hears this. Over the next week, the daughter broke down from her breakup and even tried to commit suicide. The helpless husband has to turn to the tutor and agrees him to fuck Misa on the condition that he: “makes my daughter forget you, but without hurting her and turning her into her old lively self.”. The tutor promised to do it in a month’s time… The actor who plays the Japanese wife is Misa Yuki. More videos about Asian wife cuckold porn are: “VKO-287 Jav wife anal tube – Wife with fever in the middle of the night gets suppository inserted by town doctor” and “VKO-1196 JAV hot wife story – The married woman learned what true pleasure was for the first time in her life“.