VKO-271 Japanese wife cuckold Jav – My wife was fucked at home by a DQN from my hometown

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Watch free Japanese wife cuckold Jav with actress Hoshino Hibiki. I was often bullied when I was young, and since I left my hometown for college, a lot has changed. I’m working for a top company, and I’m living a loving newlywed life with my wife Hibiki in our apartment in Tokyo. A few days ago, I suddenly received an email from Takemaru-senpai, the most famous “DQN in the prefecture” in my hometown, after a long time. He said he was coming to Tokyo for sightseeing and stay at my house. This Takemaru is a few years older than me and used to take care of me when I was back home. So I couldn’t refuse him, so I had to let him stay in my apartment for one night. Unexpectedly, my wife, Hibiki, was slept with by him… Click here for the video with Chinese subtitles. The actor who plays the Japanese wife is Hibiki Hoshino. More videos about Asian cuckold wife porn are: “VKO-086 Jav Japanese wife video – When wife get fucked by apartment administrator, her husband was busy working next door” and “VKO-270 Jav estrus wife – Ai Mukai is suffering in the entanglement of sin and pleasure…“.