VKO-289 JAV wife boss english subtitles – Risa Murakami does everything possible to help her husband get an erection

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Watch free JAV wife boss english subtitles video with actress Murakami Risa. Risa’s husband has some erection problems, and Risa comforts her husband and performs blowjob on him. The husband expressed his concern that Risa might cheat on him. Risa asks her husband what is the best thing to do to get an erection. The husband said it would be pleasurable to have his favorite wife fucked by someone else. Risa said she wouldn’t let anyone else fuck her, but she could still date other men, and I would only have sex with my husband. So the husband lets Risa date the arrogant subordinate and has them take a video. Jealousy multiplies the excitement, and the husband is thrilled to see the video. Unfortunately, Risa gradually becomes attracted to the subordinate who has a strong cock and becomes addicted to the intense thrusting sex that her husband cannot do… Click here for the video with Chinese subtitles. The actor who plays the Japanese wife is Risa Murakami. More videos about Asian cuckold wife porn are: “VKO-086 Jav Japanese wife video – When wife get fucked by apartment administrator, her husband was busy working next door” and “VKO-288 Wife Jav affair tube – Please satisfy my wife“.