Wife Swap AV Japanese – Swapped Wives with My Childhood Friend for 4 Days and 3 Nights

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Free watch wife swap AV Japanese with actresses Shinoda Yu and Kurokawa Sumire. Yu’s husband and Sumire’s husband are good friends from childhood. On this day, when the 2 families got together for dinner, the 2 husbands discussed without their wives’ knowledge that they wanted to swap their respective wives to see which one was more comfortable. Yu’s husband was the mastermind and Sumire’s husband wanted to see Yu having sex because he kept staring at her lustfully. Yu’s husband announced the wife-swapping plan and Sumire’s husband convinced Sumire to do the same… So they spent 4 days and 3 nights of crazy, kinky days together…. Playing the wives were Yu Shinoda and Sumire Kurokawa, and both actresses gave great performances. More videos about free Asian wife swap porn are: “Japanese Wife Affair Video English Sub – A Married Woman Who Keeps Getting Kissed By A Man She Hates” and “Best Cheating Jav Wife Boss English Sub – The Wife Who Was Raped And “Creampied” By Her Boss